The movement is growing - because of you

None of these things existed 24 months ago.

None of these things existed 24 months ago.

The new year is a time to reflect on how far we've all come.

Art just sits there; a community brings it to life. Without you, we'd just be hauling around big pieces of metal and propane tanks. In just two short years, so much has happened: Heavy Meta was built. Two new community spaces opened up on Geary Avenue. An amazing metal shop opened in Etobicoke and spawned an Anglerfish, and massive thorns by the lake. The Ark Car was built. Crimson Fire Show was founded and represented Toronto in the Great Circle 2,500 miles away. The Moon Shot swing was built. Hyperborea sprung up from the soil. Tarna the Jackalope was conceived and is making amazing progress at the shop. The TTZ Zebra bus was birthed and crossed the continent. The BuBBle Bus came into existence. 

We event creators didn't do these things - you did. And while they all have deep roots in a decades-long history forged by art, the rave scene, Burning Man, circus and so many more influences, it is hard to deny that something really special is happening lately in our ever-growing city.   
We are also proud that instead of competing for a few more people here and there, you are helping these groups do something much more valuable: raise the tide. Grow the community. Continue making our city better, funner, freer. Keep doing what you're doing - keep showing up, and we promise we will keep showing up for you.     

Whiteout news: Zel Tyrant, Spin Starlets, and the official afterparty  

  • Whiteout is now 65% sold outGrab tickets here or RSVP on Facebook.

  • The official Whiteout afterparty is here: 'Out Till Dawn - at One Loft, 292 College St. from 2 AM - 7 AM after Whiteout. Discounts for Whiteout ticketholders - RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook

  • Zel Tyrant is taking to the air again! Last year we were positively dazzled by Zel's cube show throughout the evening at Whiteout. We are pleased to announce she will be returning with a brand new show for your enjoyment!

  • Announcing: Spin Starlets at Whiteout! The venerable LED-spinning troupe will be joining us with brand new show of their own - get ready to glow 🔥   

February 15th - Save the date for Tarna's Heartbreakers Ball 
On February 15th, Tarna presents Heartbreakers Ball. To be the first to hear about it, send an e-mail to or like their Facebook page

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